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Community Taylor Yard Equity Strategy
“Community TYES”

The Community Taylor Yard Equity Strategy (TYES) is a partnership project of the 100 Acre Partnership at Taylor Yard in Los Angeles. The Community TYES project aims to help low-income communities around a specific major infrastructure project thrive in place, to avoid displacement and to amplify community benefits. The project is supported by the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Resources Legacy Fund, the Trust for Public Land, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the University of California Los Angeles and other public agencies, private philanthropy, nonprofits, and community-based organizations. The TYES project partners will develop a community-driven proposal for equitable community development initiatives over a year. The plan will uplift the priorities of local residents and small businesses, and topics of action may include workforce development, affordable housing, homebuyers clubs, micro and small businesses, local artists and cultural institutions, and infrastructure improvements.

A collage with the conceptual design for Taylor Yard and Los Angeles River revitalization, the Taylor Yard Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge, community and cultural programming at the Taylor Yard Bowtie G1 Parcel, and a rendering of a proposed Metrolink station at Taylor Yard.

Major park, green infrastructure, transportation, and cultural projects are coming to Taylor Yard and the Los Angeles River in the coming years. Clockwise from top left: conceptual design for Taylor Yard and Los Angeles River revitalization, the Taylor Yard pedestrian and bicycle bridge, proposed new Metrolink station at Taylor Yard, community and cultural programming activating California State Park’s Bowtie Parcel.


Statement of Opportunity

Major infrastructure investments, such as river habitat rehabilitation, expanded park space, active transportation developments, and cultural and community activation, promise to transform the 100 Acre Partnership area. However, with private sector investments likely to follow, there is a risk of increased displacement for communities susceptible to gentrification. Therefore, it is essential to implement equitable community development strategies now, so that these communities can thrive in place alongside new public investments. The TYES project is inspired by other successful equitable community development plans around the country, such as the Equitable Development Plan for the 11th Street Bridge Park in Washington, DC.


Timing is key: Already, Taylor Yard neighborhoods suffer some of the highest cumulative economic, environmental, and health impacts in the state. The nature restoration and park space projects are intended to specifically address these existing environmental injustices, and it is crucial that the restoration project does not then generate a further set of unaddressed injustices.

A CalEnviroScreen map of northeast Los Angeles community surrounding Taylor Yard.
A map with the displacement risk of communities around LA County in different stages of gentrification.

Left: Northeast Los Angeles communities surrounding Taylor Yard on a CalEnviroScreen map representing the cumulative economic, environmental, and health impacts on communities. Much of the area is in the 90th to 100th percentile of cumulative impacts statewide. Right: Displacement Risk in L.A. County. Communities around Taylor Yard are in different stages of gentrification, advanced displacement, and displacement risk and vulnerability. Source: Los Angeles River Master Plan, Public Draft, January 2021.

Team Description

Working with the City of Los Angeles, Resources Legacy Fund is the fiscal sponsor and pooled fund manager for the Community Taylor Yard Equity Strategy. The project is being managed by LA ROSAH Collaborative leaders and partners that form an oversight committee, including Southeast Asian Community Alliance, Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust, The Trust for Public Land, and The Natural Resources Defense Council, with executive leadership provided by LeSar Development Consultants and the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA.


ABOUT Resources Legacy Fund: Resources Legacy Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that partners with leaders in philanthropy, communities, government, science, and business to promote smart policies and secure equitable public funding for the environment, climate change resilience, and healthy communities. Across the American West and internationally, RLF manages large, multi-year grantmaking programs and fiscally sponsor projects that accelerate change on the environmental and equity goals we share with our partners.


ABOUT LA ROSAH: Founded in 2016, LA ROSAH was formed as a collaboration of multiple organizations to address issues of green gentrification and identify innovative policy and equitable development solutions to ensure residents are able to thrive in place as new community development projects come to their communities.


For information about the 100 Acre Partnership and Taylor Yard Projects please navigate to the FAQ page.


If you are interested in learning more about investment in the Community Taylor Yard Equity Strategy, please contact Alfredo Gonzalez at Resources Legacy Fund,, (310) 922-6408.


To learn more about the planning and implementation of Community Taylor Yard Equity Strategy, please contact Natalie Zappella at LeSar Development Consultants,, (313) 378-0628 and Michael Affeldt at the City of Los Angeles,, (213)978-2225.


To learn more about research supporting the Community Taylor Yard Equity Strategy, please contact Jon Christensen at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA,,
(650) 759-6534.

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